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"Do You Know What Really Works 
With Couples ...?"
Introducing The Most Powerful Way To Work With Any Couple
Using Elliott Connie's Mastery Method & Solution Focused Brief Couples Therapy
You Are Just Moments Away from Gaining Access to EVERYTHING You Need To Master Couples Therapy When You Join the Rekindling Love Masterclass

What's Inside the Modules?

  • Welcome
  • ​Introduction
  • ​Using Your Superpowers
  • Knowing Your Why
  • Welcome
  • Knowing Your Role
  • What We're Listening For
  • A Bit of Bad News
  • ​Exercise: Novice to Mastery
  • Welcome
  • The First "Don't"
  • Always Make This Assumption
  • Get a Response
  • Exercise
  • Welcome
  • The Love Garden
  • A Gardening Tip
  • Exercise
  • Welcome
  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • ​Part 3
  • Exercise
  • Welcome
  • Hope is the Key
  • A Story of Hope
  • Exercise
  • Welcome
  • The Mindset
  • Best Hoping with a Couple
  • Exercise
  • Welcome
  • How Did You Meet?
  • Resource Talk and Language
  • Exercise
  • Welcome
  • 3 Keys to Asking Couples Detailed Preferred Future Description Questions
  • ​Buy-in
  • Exercise
  • Welcome
  • That Thing to NOT Do
  • The Power of Autonomy
  • Exercise
  • Welcome
  • Domestic Violence
  • Partners Want Different Things
  • ​One Partner Shows Up
  • Exercise
  • Welcome
  • SFBT with Couples Beyond the First Session
  • Be Confident


If Only You Had The Inside Knowledge Of ...
  • ​How to manage couples when one sees their partner as the problem who needs to change.
  • ​How to work with couples where one partner domineers the session, thinking their view is right.
  • ​What to do when one is not engaging in the session.
  • ​How to manage emotional and/or verbal abuse by one partner towards the other.
  • ​How to align a couple's different views on what their best hopes are.
  • ​How to work with couples where there's a longstanding emotional disconnect.
  • ​What to do when one partner appears to be 'sitting on the fence'.
  • ​How to manage a situation where one partner thinks they are right and is overbearing.
  • ​How to manage a couple where only one partner is invested in changing the dynamic.
  • ​What to do when one partner wants to save the marriage and the other isn't sure.
  • ​What to say when one partner wants you (as the therapist) to change the partner into what he/she wants.
  • ​How to manage emotional abuse in relationships.
  • ​How to navigate a session when a couple is afraid to make changes, even when the relationship is toxic.
  • ​How to assist a partner who's been told 'It's all your fault'.
  • ​What to do when a couple is entrenched in conflict.
Everywhere you look experts say, "to help couples, focus on solutions so they achieve their desired future".
But no one really tells you how to bring out those magic moments that rekindle love, care and connection.
It's crazy how your therapy training taught you how to work with couples, but glossed over the most fundamental keys to being successful ...
Are you offering couples therapy that really works?
As Nelson Mandela said:
"If people can learn to hate they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than it's opposite." 
Many therapists think the answer to a good couples session is simply asking good questions
But as the above quote says, your questions must first move the conversation forward in a way that shows you a couple can contribute to a conversation around a positive shared future BEFORE moving into more challenging areas.

And that's what makes it so hard when you work with couples.

You go into working as a therapist dreaming about the couples you'll help and how amazing their life will be when they get their relationship back on track.
And then, couples arrive who resist your best efforts.
Reality sets in ...
Sessions start taking longer, your confidence drains and your focus shifts from a loving place to one of fear as you sense your work may not be successful.

You start to question yourself ...

Worrying about the long list of things you're not doing in a session ...
And what sets in is overwhelm and fear:

What if this career you've worked so hard to build isn't creating the changes that couples desire?
What if referrals dry up and your reputation sinks?
As a couples therapist, the single most important thing you need to protect is your confidence.

And that confidence comes from knowing how to manage the environment that's constantly in a state of flux during a couples session.
This confidence comes from knowing that what 
you're building ... creating ... transforming ...
... will hold the space for your couples, so they build on key resources that support them to move forward from a stable and positive foundation.
Imagine for a moment that you know exactly how to manage a couple session, and all you had to do was apply the proven tools of Solution Focused Brief Therapy, knowing that each session you run will result in helping a couple move towards their desired outcome.
How easy would your couples sessions feel?
Here's the reality:
Instead of relying on text-book techniques (that all other therapists rely on), you'll know a masterful method of guiding a couple through a session with ease so your work offers a safe and positive place for couples to reconnect.

It doesn't matter whether you're new to couple therapy or have worked in this area for years, 
mastery can be yours because you've invested in making a difference in what you do and how you do it.
Here's what it boils down to:
Having the confidence to create a balanced environment that supports you to build 'Story Bridges' from the past to the future.
Once you know how to create this environment ...
Everything Changes ...
  • Your clients are moving towards their desired outcomes and living their best hopes...
  • ​You're gaining referrals from satisfied couples keen to share your name...
  • ​You're making an impact because you stand in your authority, being an inspiration to others because of the respect you gain...
  • ​Couples will believe you have the answer they've been looking for...
  • ​And will rush to make an appointment with you...
  • ​When you know how to create the right environment...
  • ​The only question your couples will have for you is...
  • ​"How can we rekindle even more love?"
And this is universal. No matter what problem the couple you're working with is experiencing.
Many therapists who work with couples think that if they just set up their practice
with their credentials clearly displayed that people will line up to book sessions with them.
But anyone who’s tried that can probably tell you...
It's not that simple.
Many therapists think that if they set up a website and listed their services, couples will be racing for appointments.
I’ve seen so many therapists, with the best intentions and biggest dreams, be disappointed.
And the reason this happens is usually because they’re missing what it takes to become extraordinary change makers in their couples' lives. 
A couple shares your details with friends because of your Authority, Influence and Reputation.
The 3 Biggest Guesses Therapists Make
Guess #1
Your Transitions
Guess #2
Your Pathway
Guess #3
Your Directions
"I don't feel I know where the session is going."

I can't tell you how many times I've heard this.
And it turns out, they're right. When you go into a session not knowing how to transition smoothly between building 'Bridging Stories' from a couple's past to their preferred future, your work can feel clunky and miss the mark. 

A couple gives you many clues as to which pathway you can choose to follow.
If you go down the wrong pathway your conversation can lead 'nowhere', leaving you scrambling to find another path to pursue. 
Get this wrong and your authority slides because the couple is relying on your skills to guide them through this process - not go down pathways that don't offer fresh insights and stories to build on.
You've heard about the importance of 'balance' from the free 3-part workshop series. Your ability to balance the session comes from your skill in knowing the direction you're heading.

Helping a couple come with you along the pathway you're crafting means you've established your influence to direct the questions in a way that enhances your ability to listen to the specific words.
But What If You Could ...
  • Know how to transition smoothly so 'Story Bridging' becomes a natural process for you. 
  • ​Know the preferred pathway to guide your couples so they trust your ability to take them along the right path.
  • ​Know what language to use and what words to listen for so couples align with their deepest desires and hopes. 
  • ​Know how to guide couples who feel fearful of change and appear to resist your best efforts. 
  • ​When you put this all together, you have a recipe for a successful couple therapy session: one that takes all the guesswork out because you KNOW your couple even better than they may know themselves.
And When You Do This You Have ...
  • ​The ability to scale your business and repeat your success again and again, creating the freedom-based business you want.
  •  A lasting concept that’s more than a passing fad, something that will be the foundation of your business for years to come. 
  •  Impact, because now you can meet the needs of more couples, more effectively.
  •  More than a business, you're creating a legacy that changes lives - starting with the lives of you and your family, 
  •  Time to do more of what you love, so you can focus on what’s really important to you,
About Elliott Connie
For me, being a therapist isn’t about doing a 'good job'. It’s about making an impact on the world and leaving behind a legacy.
And that’s why I’m sharing the Rekindling Love Mastery Program with as many people as I can.

When I first began my career, I didn't know where it would take me. In the beginning I made many mistakes. Ones that to this day still make me cringe. But those experiences taught me valuable lessons - some of which I've shared with you in the free workshop series.

As you can imagine, there's only so much I can share in a limited time. This is why I want you to join me and continue learning more about the ideas I've been sharing with you so far.
Rekindling Love Master Class
While I believe Solution Focused Brief Therapy is a brilliant methodology to use with couples, mastering it requires you to bring another level of yourself to your sessions. It needs you to be willing to rekindle your own passion, and share your love and care through being more present with the language your couple uses. Below are more details about what's involved.
The Rekindling Love Master Class
Phase 1: 
Mastery of Yourself Using the 4 Accelerators
Phase 2:
Mastery of Your Environment Using Story Bridges
Phase 3:
Mastery of Solution Focused Brief Therapy Using Your A.I.R.
Phase 1: Self Mastery 
(The Confidence Builder)
In this phase you’ll learn how to enhance your confidence so you can work with any couple. 
You'll identify your strengths, and be shown how to amplify your natural resource and engage your 'super hero' in session.

You'll see how to transition smoothly between phases of the couples session so you can guide a couple with confidence, even when one partner tries to dominate.

You'll identify personal areas of growth that may be getting in the way when you work with couples. 

If you work with couples (or individuals) you'll be invited to record your sessions so you learn how to segment them into the key phases needed to move through a positive and future-focused session.

You'll learn how to stay on point and gain a shared 'best hopes' that reflects a couples preferred future, even if one partner isn't invested in the relationship.

By the end of this phase, you’ll have gained tremendous insight about yourself from a process we call your Deep Dive Truth Serum.

You'll learn:
  • ​How to review your couples sessions (or individual sessions) by analyzing your recordings through a proven bench-marking process.
  • ​The questions you should NEVER ask in a session.
  • ​How to get responses you can work with even when a couple wants to talk about problems.
  • ​And much, much more...
By the end of this phase you’ll not only know exactly how to be present in your couple session...

You’ll have the skills to manage tension without feeling you need to switch to different methodologies in the 'hope' of engaging your couple more.

Learn how to literally speak your couple's language. 

When couples feel heard, that’s when they feel understood and connected to your process.
Phase 2: Mastery of the Therapeutic Environment 
(The Relationship Builder)
In this phase you'll learn how to craft 'Story Bridges' that tap into couples' hidden resources so they can easily access resourceful stories and emotions.
You'll gain insights into building 'Story Bridges' that show you how to define story patterns and lure more details into the conversation. 

An evocative story is alluring - knowing how to draw this out from your couple is an art form few therapists do well. 

Once you know how to define story patterns and build bridges you can help your couple anchor these story triggers in their daily lives.
  • ​You’ll identify which stories create deep meaning and how to ask the right questions that elicit more details.
  • ​You'll learn how to guide a couple towards building on those moments so they connect with those positive emotions deeply.
  • ​You'll help couples use 'Story Building Blocks' that infuse your sessions with love, meaning and connection.
  • ​(I'll show you exactly how to do it).
By the end of this phase you’ll not only know exactly how to build 'Story Bridges'...

You’ll have the exact process to guide a couple through this process.
Phase 3: Mastery of Solution Focused Brief Therapy
(The Skill Builder)
In this module you'll master each technique of Solution Focused Brief Therapy. You'll find out how to infuse your authority, your influence and build your reputation within sessions so your clients refer their friends, colleagues and families to you.
When you do this right, your authority as a professional, who makes a difference in people's lives, will grow without you having to struggle with self promotion.
  • ​You'll learn the right way to use and master the art of asking questions using Solution Focused Brief Therapy.
  • ​You'll discover how to flow through each of the Solution Focused Brief Therapy techniques.
  • You’ll walk through the psychological triggers of creating authority, influence and reputation building in your sessions.
By the end of this phase you’ll not only know exactly how to step into your super hero...

You’ll have the exact high-level skills to rely fully on Solution Focused Brief Therapy as the ONE modality you use with couples.
Never worked with couples? Not confident in your skills? 
No problem.
Whether you're early in your career, have worked as a therapist for a while or are new to working with couples, this program is designed in such a way that you'll fast track your skills, mindset and confidence in the way you practice.

I’ve created this program to elevate your mastery so you feel an ultimate confidence to practice as an exceptional therapist - one that changes not only couples and their families, but also generations.

Even if you don't yet work with couples, this program will transform the work you do with individuals which will build your confidence to begin working with couples.

You're in a win-win situation with this program!

Here's What Students Are Saying ...
When I go to one of Elliott's live events and see him work live, my skills amplify, my clients benefit and I feel more connected to my calling. Barbara (Australia) 
It's the direct access to Elliott that I love. Asking him a question and getting new insight about how to manage a problem always opens new ideas. Lesley (Texas)
My clients benefit when I'm connected to my 'why'. Elliott's training helps me do this. It's like a little bit of Elliott's enthusiasm comes into my sessions. Anna (London)
100% Risk-Free 
Money Back Guarantee
7 Day Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked.
How do I know this will work for me?
You may be feeling that your situation is different - and you're right. Every couple you work with requires you to come with one core aspect: love.

Combine this with a proven and research-based method, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, and you have a process for working with any couple or individual.
What you'll discover is that when you tap into your most powerful resource - your presence - combined with the skills you'll learn in the program, your confidence to bring your 'essence' has the power to transform your work. 
I don’t currently work with couples. Can I still do this?
Whether you currently work with couples, plan to work with couples in the future or still feel your confidence to work with couples needs a boost - your therapy work will be enhanced. Why? Because the methods you'll learn in this program can be applied in any situation - regardless of whether you're working with a couple or not. Saying this though, this course is directly focused on working with couples.
I'm still a student. Should I join?
Yes! What you'll learn in this program isn't taught in colleges or universities. Why? Often because lecturers work from text book theories as part of a curriculum. You'll notice in this program that your practical skills and confidence improves radically because you'll be focusing on taking the techniques and adding the essential nuances to gain mastery.
I use a variety of tools when working with couples. Will this method work with everyone?
After this program, I doubt you'll want to continue 'switching' between tools. Solution Focused Brief Therapy is a research-based model what you'll learn in this program has the robustness to work in any challenging situation with any client or couple.
This sounds complicated. Is it really hard to do?.
It's the nuances you'll notice - the tiny shifts in the way you approach asking questions, the language you choose to use that helps a couple move forward. The skills you'll learn in 'Building Bridges' does take practice - but when you've mastered them you'll feel like a curtain has been pulled back on a creative dance between language, questions and balance in session.
You Are Just Moments Away from Joining the Rekindling Love Method Masterclass And Accessing Your Best Hopes For Your Practice.


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